This scenario, including the personas and storyboards are adapted from Chapter 8: Designing the User Experience, Recording Science in the Digital Era: From Paper to Electronic Notebooks and Other Digital Tools, 2019,


Undergraduate Practical Course

Dr Jenny is a lecturer in the Physical and Analytical Chemistry group at Seaside University. Jenny is a technology enthusiast and is actively involved in projects to assess and implement technologies applicable to chemistry within the department, together with other collaborators outside the university. Jenny is keen to try out new things to help support her students and teach them analytical techniques. Although Seaside University has trialled ELNs with researchers, Jenny is keen to see the undergraduates use an ELN in their courses to teach them about data management and prepare them for future research or careers in industry. Jenny also hopes that an ELN system might streamline the student marking process, which is currently manual and very time consuming.

Dan is one of the ninety students on Jenny’s Advanced Analytical Techniques course. Dan is a bright student and although he enjoys the practical work, he gets frustrated having to wait for the others students to finish before he can move on with other tasks. He also gets frustrated with the feedback process, which takes a very long time and involves handing in his notebook after the practical sessions. He would prefer to get immediate feedback and to be able to use his notebook between practical sessions to remind himself about the previous experiment.


Personas for Scenario Chemistry 4


C4-SB1: Jenny runs a lab class