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Future Pathfinders

WP5 was led by Barbara Montanari. This workpackage took responsibility for engaging with research areas from which future Pathfinders may be drawn. Its aim was to prepare the programme of Pathfinder activities for the next and future phases. Building on the case studies and engagement activities of the pilot phase, it solicited ideas for future pathfinders and develop these to an extent where they can be prioritised and planned as part of a continuing PSDI enrichment programme in the context of the whole DRI provision.

  • Further development of outputs of the pilot Case Studies and Engagement activities. The pilot phase undertook 8 case studies and a wide range of engagement activities from which a great many potential pathfinders could be developed. This activity reviewed and analysed these possibilities and drew up a list of outline proposals for consideration in the prioritisation activity below.
  • Targetted outreach and engagement leading to development of further pathfinder proposals. Working alongside the more general PSDI communications activities in WP2, this activity undertook a programme of specific community activities aimed at elaborating new ideas for further pathfinders and draw up a list of outline proposals for consideration in the prioritisation activity below.
  • Prioritisation and scheduling of future pathfinders. Working through the governance structure established in workpackage 1, and the communications activities in workpackages 2, this activity analysed the above outline proposals and prioritise and schedule those to be pursued in the future phases of PSDI.

In Phase 2, we will develop a “long list” of potential future pathfinders and “short list” of those for which we will begin development at the start of the next phase.