This is the home page for a library of assets for Case Study 6: Process Recording and Digital Research Notebooks.

Examples of different ways of recording an experiment / study:

Descriptions of potential roles involved in planning, performing, recording, sharing, and preserving research.

Scenarios providing examples of different types of research, personas, data paths showing interactions between different roles and data flows within and outside of organisations. Also Storyboards for how a digital research notebook or other tools may assist these personas.

A high level overview of requirements for Digital Research Notebooks derived from the above roles, scenarios and our previous research.

A number of user flows (UF) have been created to describe the user’s journey through related high-level tasks. The graphical version is easy to follow and focuses only on the actions that the user or another actor performs. The Text form version provides additional information about what the user sees, what the system does, and what metadata is captured and utilized at each step.

User interface (UI) wireframes have been created for the user flows developed above. These show what user interfaces for the system could look like and the flow between different elements of the interface.