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Coordination, Governance & Strategy

Work Package 1 was led by Jeremy Frey. This work package undertook the coordination and management activities to ensure that PSDI delivers a set of services that are beneficial to the community of potential users. It comprised three main activities.


  • Project Management Office (PMO). The PMO defines and executes the processes for project coordination. It provides project management, report generation, finance support, admin support, internal communications and impact management.


  • External governance and oversight. PSDI will serve a wide community so needs broad community participation in its governance, planning and development. This activity established a governance structure with an advisory board and community events involving appropriately broad representation to prioritise activities, advise on allocation of resources and oversee developments.


  • Planning for future phases of PSDI. The phased nature of funding for PSDI, provides an opportunity to reshape the plans and delivery priorities at each stage. This activity was responsible for liaising with the community and funders to develop plans for future phases at each stage, taking into account the experiences gained and advice from the external governance bodies. In Phase 1b, we will establish and operate the PMO and external governance structures and develop detailed plans for the next phase.