Phase 1 of PSDI ran from October 2022 to December 2023 and built upon the scoping work carried out in the Pilot Phase and the recommendations and outputs that were generated through that work. This 15-month phase focused on activities towards the establishment of PSDI whilst continuing community engagement activities:

  • PSDI-Hub – creating core functionality and organisational structures to underpin PSDI operations
  • Pathfinders – early deployment activities to seed the infrastructure with exemplar tools, data and services

This phase was funded through EPSRC DRI funding (EP/X032701/1 and EP/X032663/1).

Work Packages

The work in this phase was organised into 5 work packages, outlined below. You can find out more about each of the work packages on their individual pages.

WP1. Management and Governance (lead Jeremy Frey)

WP1 oversaw the PSDI activities in this phase, undertaking the co-ordination and management activities across the project. It was also responsible for establishing governance and oversight mechanisms.

WP2. Communications and Training (lead Nicola Knight)

Community awareness and engagement is critical to the establishment of PSDI. WP2 continued the engagement activities established in the pilot phase as well as coordinating with PSDI stakeholders and relevant interested parties. These engagement activities continued to feed into the development work being carried out in other work packages as well as communicating our work and development back out to the community.

WP3. Platform Development and Operation (lead Vasily Bunakov)

WP3 was responsible for the development of the technical platform of PSDI. This WP worked closely with the Pathfinders in WP4 and community engagement activities throughout the development work.

WP4. First Pathfinders (lead Simon Coles)

WP4 contained 5 pathfinders which were initial development activities focused around some key strategic areas. The first-round pathfinders were selected to have a mixture of domain focused pathfinders and cross-domain pathfinders.

WP5. Future Pathfinders (lead Barbara Montanari)

WP5 focused on the development of additional candidates for pathfinder activities in the future. This builds on case studies and engagement activities from the pilot phase as well as wider community engagement. The pathfinder ideas will be developed so that they can be prioritised and planned as part of future PSDI phases.