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Nov 14, 2023

Data Revival Webinar – 16th Nov

Sign up now for this weeks’ webinar all about extracting data from paper lab note books using AI techniques.

This week we have the next instalment in the PSDI webinar series. On Thursday 16th Nov we will hear from Samuel Munday about extracting usable data from paper lab books. The paper lab book has been a favourite of the scientific researcher for a long time but the knowledge written on those pages is often trapped. How can we extract that information and turn it into something useful and usable?

This webinar “Making the intangible tangible: The journey from lab notebook to digital insight” presents work that utilises AI-driven natural language processing techniques, as well as chemical structure recognition, to extract all the types of chemical information required to create a useful, searchable database. This database unlocks 3000 chemist years (and counting) of knowledge and enables more efficient and accurate future research.

Sign up now for this webinar on 16th Nov 2023 at 2pm GMT –


Recent events and presentations

The PSDI team has been busy over the last month attending a variety of conferences, exhibitions and events. We are updating our zenodo community ( with many of the presentations and publications made by the team.

Highlights from the last month include:

International Data Week 2023 in Salzburg
Several of the teams attended IDW (Including SciDataCon & RDA Plenary) last month both in person and online. This vibrant event had many wide-ranging sessions from discipline and nation specific initiatives, through to technical working group sessions. The PSDI team took part in many of these sessions, including presenting as part of the SciDataCon session “Beyond FAIR: Reusing Chemical Data Across-disciplines with Care, Trust and Openness”

Lab Innovations 2023 – Samantha Pearman-Kanza
Samantha was invited to speak at the Laboratory industry exhibition ‘Lab Innovations’ in Birmingham earlier this month. In the conference track at the exhibition Samantha presented about FAIR data and making research reproducible/reusable in her talk “To the well organised FAIR dataset, re-use is but the next great adventure”. Alongside presenting her work Samantha also got the opportunity to speak to a wide variety of companies about their process recording tools and ELNs.
Read more about it on our website:

Annual Digital Catalysis & Catalysis-Related Sciences Conference 2023 (ADCR 2023) – Abraham Nieva de la Hidalga
Abraham attended ADCR 2023, organised by NFDI4Cat in Frankfurt, earlier this month. At this catalysis community event there was the opportunity for Abraham to present work on creating Galaxy workflow tools for processing and analysis of catalysis data. The slides from the presentation and a flash pitch are available on zenodo.


Upcoming events – PF5 Webinar

In December we will have one last webinar of the year where Alin Elena and Federica Zanca will present their work in PSDI as part of Pathfinder 5: Data to Knowledge.

Save the date (14th Dec 2pm GMT) for this and keep an eye on the website for more information: