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Mar 20, 2024

On 13 March 2024, Dr Samantha Pearman-Kanza gave a talk at “The Development of the Chemist’s Notebook”, at The Royal Society of Chemistry – Historical Group event which was held at Burlington House.

Samantha elaborates on her experience; “This was a really interesting and informative event, that took the audience on a journey from the early lab notes of the 16th century all the way through to considering the use of electronic lab notebooks and other software in the future for our laboratories. We heard about chemistry experiment write ups being interspersed with poetry and saw examples of the first workings of binding pages together to form a lab book, and how early scientists such as Darwin pioneered the use of cross referencing and information retrieval in their work. It was an honour to be able to present my research on digitising scientific research and talk about what PSDI is working on in the areas of process recording, FAIR data, metadata, and supplementary information”.