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Sep 19, 2023

Last week Dr Nicola Knight (the PSDI co-ordinator) headed over to Karlsruhe, Germany to attend the 1st Conference on research data infrastructure (CoRDI 2023), a 3 day conference organised by the NFDI.

At this conference there were a number of different presentation tracks; a series of these focusing on discipline specific tracks (Humanities & Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Life Sciences, Engineering Sciences) and a series of cross-disciplinary tracks (Enabling RDM, Harmonizing RDM, Connecting RDM, Securing RDM, Spreading RDM, Linking RDM) along with a number of keynote talks. Nicola presented a presentation entitled ‘Connecting Infrastructures: The Physical Sciences Data Infrastructure’ in the Connecting RDM track.

The overall theme of the conference was ‘Connecting Communities’ and one of the main aims for PSDI was to meet lots of representatives from the NFDI consortia and other European research projects to establish those human connections and hopefully build collaborations between projects. The whole conference was packed with excellent presentations, posters and discussions outside of the sessions.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all of the NFDI consortia members who we spoke to, in particular the representatives from NFDI4Chem who helped to introduce Nicola to many of the other consortia that also align with the area of Physical Sciences.

You can find the proceedings of CoRDI 2023 online:
The posters and presentations are available on the CoRDI2023 zenodo collection:
The slides from the PSDI talk are also available:

We are looking for to many follow up discussions from the CoRDI conference and we will definitely be back for the next edition of this conference! Many thanks to everyone involved in the organisation of such a great event!

A photo of a town hall with a series of computer components projected onto it as part of a light show

A view of one of the shows in the Karlsruhe Schlosslichtspiele – a visit to this was part of the evening activities of CoRDI and well worth a visit!