Please Note: further content e.g. recordings, slides etc. will be added after the townhall has concluded

The PSDI Gateway considers how the community will find and interact with PSDI resources. The website in particular is essential for providing information about what resources and services we provide, access to these resources and a platform for skills and knowledge development

This work showcases a prototype website to gather feedback from the community:

  • How users will interact with the website
  • How this will link to PSDI technologies and infrastructure
  • How to provide guidance & learning

Some of the Team members at the June Townhall

Cerys Willoughby

Nicola Knight

The Gateway team is focused on not only the technologies to integrate the website with the various services and resources that we will provide as part of PSDI, but also on creating a positive user experience. For the town hall meeting our aim is to provide insight into our thinking around what users will see on the website and how they will interact with it.

We have created a prototype of the website to demonstrate the kinds of features that we are planning to include on the website. You can download an interactive version of the prototype to see the proposed structure of the website and some of the content and functionality we intend to provide.

We are also seeking feedback from the community on the following topics:

  • What data, services, or tools would you like us to provide?
  • What are the biggest problems for your community that you think PSDI can help with?
  • What guidance or training should we provide for the community?
  • How do you want to engage with the community and what activities can we help run?
  • Do you have any resources you would like to share with the community?
  • What would a ‘myPSDI’ page look like to you?
  • What else would you expect to see on the website?

If you would like to provide us with feedback on the above questions follow the link below. We are also interested in hearing from you if you would like to work with us so we can better understand the needs of your community and how we can work together to solve challenges in your area. If you are interested in sharing or developing a resource, service, tool, or learning material for the physical sciences community, please let us know.

Follow this link to provide use with feedback.