PSDI Interaction with AI Hubs

PSDI aims to provide a connecting layer that enables sharing of data across different data infrastructures. As such it could also provide a platform that supports data management for the AI Hubs. A high-level view of how this might work is show in the following diagram. The purpose of the AI Hubs meeting held in May 2023 was to explore whether this is a workable approach and how this idea could be made more specific.

Following the announcement of the proposals that were successful at the first round of EPSRC’s Artificial Intelligence Hubs call[1], PSDI invited representatives of all proposals to a meeting to discuss how PSDI can support the Hubs, and how the AI Hubs can work collaboratively.

In response to this invitation PSDI received replies from 19 of the 31 proposals, including all 12 of the science and engineering proposals, 4 of the foundations proposals, and 3 of the real data proposals. This demonstrated a high level of interest and engagement from the AI Hubs, particularly within PSDI’s focus area of the Physical Sciences. A meeting was held on 2nd May with 31 people in attendance, representing 17 of the Hub proposals.

A document containing a summary of the meeting was produced, including the discussions raised in the meeting and how this relates to the PSDI activities. This summary is available for download.

[1] Artificial intelligence hubs for real data and for scientific and engineering research –

Mathematical and computational foundations of artificial intelligence –