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Leandro Liborio

Pathfinder 7 Lead

Pathfinder 7:  Reproducible Computational Workflows (lead Leandro Liborio)

The post-processing of experimental and simulation data, associated to large scale experiments performed at national facilities, requires that different software tools from various domains are connected into workflows.  These workflows can be quite complex and, in this pathfinder, we will be using the open-source, web-based Galaxy platform to manage the software tools and data associated to these workflows. Galaxy is a platform for FAIR data analysis that enable users to: run code in interactive environments; share and publish results, workflows and their associated visualizations; and ensure the reproducibility of their results by capturing and packaging data, metadata and provenance models required for repeating and understanding their data analyses. We are initially working with muon science and catalysis experiments, but plan to expand the methodology to other large scale experiments.