This scenario, including the personas and storyboards are adapted from Chapter 8: Designing the User Experience, Recording Science in the Digital Era: From Paper to Electronic Notebooks and Other Digital Tools, 2019,


Fully Open Research Including Interaction with Global Scientific Collaborators

At the City University, Professor Guy runs an organic chemistry research group including seven research students and two post-doctorate researchers. Guy is an evangelist for Open Science and works with a variety of international collaborators on projects to improve techniques for building organic molecules for use in the treatment of disease. Managing the interaction with the collaborators and trying to develop new relationships with relevant research groups is a challenge. The nature of the experiments in Guy’s research group mean that the students are repeating very similar processes, and they save duplication by not recording information that they have already learnt. This makes it a challenge for new students to the group to understand the working practices of the team and to be able to take on the work of experimenters that have moved on.

Guy’s students find the risk assessment process to be onerous and involve unnecessary duplication: information has to be manually extracted from databases or records, transcribed and then countersigned by Guy. The students would like to streamline this process to make it easier and less error prone. Students need to work with collaborators, but find it difficult to keep up to date with their activities and to find specific information in their records. The team are interested in using an ELN to help with interacting with collaborators, to make some processes easier, and to reduce duplication. They also want to use an ELN to provide a platform to encourage open science and generate new collaborations.


Personas for Scenario Chemistry 2

Data Paths

C2-DP1: An open project life-cycle


C2-SB1: Ollie needs approval for his experiment design


C2-SB2: Lukas gets up to speed with the team


C2-SB3: Guy is looking for new collaborators