This scenario, including the personas and storyboards are adapted from Chapter 8: Designing the User Experience, Recording Science in the Digital Era: From Paper to Electronic Notebooks and Other Digital Tools, 2019,


Environmental Chemistry – Closed Research Including Interaction with a Funding Body

At the Mountain University, Professor Felix runs an environmental and analytical chemistry research group including eight research students. Felix spends a large amount of his time at a different location making it a challenge to manage the research and interact with his team at Mountain University. Much of the research is funded by external funding bodies who enforce detailed quality standards for research documentation. Periodically the funding body needs to have access to the notes kept by the research students to check that the documentation matches the standards, and that the research is progressing as planned. Felix’s students, once trained, are able to work on their experiments autonomously, but need to have sign-off from Felix before they start every new experiment. The research students also like to receive feedback from Felix to reassure them that they are on the right track.

The experiments that they perform involve intensive activities across different buildings on the campus, meaning that they need to take notes in several different locations. Their experiments also typically take several weeks or months to perform, and they are often working on multiple experiments at the same time. The team are interested in using an ELN to help Felix with managing the research project and provide support to the researchers remotely, and also to enable the researchers to work more effectively with their funding bodies. In this scenario, Professor Felix is a supervisor, his student Alejandra is a researcher, and auditor Alvin, from the funding body ‘Central Environmental Services’, is an observer on the project.


Personas for Scenario Chemistry 1

Data Path

C1-DP1: Capturing the record, handling reviews, and constructing a thesis


C1-SB1: Felix is monitoring the team remotely 


C1-SB2: Alvin is auditing the project notebooks